• Interact Club : The Interact Club was started in the year 2000 &active till date.The club works actively in community building programme.
  • Social Club :The club is introduced to develop social awareness,promote secularism & to secure national integration.This year social club has introduced stamp collection club called Philately club.
  • Science & Maths Club : Students can interact with each other & gain quality knowledge.
  • Eco Club : Helps in creating awareness in children about the environment.
  • Language Club : To improve the language skills of the students.The club has subscribed to the newspaper “The New Indian Express” for the students at the lowest price.The club has prepared the manuscript which contains the literary aspects such as essays,poems,quotations etc  which had been written by our students under the guidance of the language club in charge teachers.
  • Legal Awareness Club: As per the academic advise,our Mar Thoma English Medium High school has formed a legal advisory committee under the leadership of  teachers the committee consists of 29 students from high school section. A seminar has been conducted for the students regarding legal awareness by well known advocate & this helped the students to understand the constitutional & the basic rights.