1. SCHOOL DIARY & CALENDAR: Parents have to check the school diary daily to see the home assignments, any note by the teachers or for any other official notices. Kindly acknowledge with your signatures.

2. ABSENCE OR LEAVE: To encourage regular attendance, unnecessary absence or leave is not allowed by the school, as it affects the child’s progress and promotion. Reason for every leave or absence has to be explained and signed by the parents in the given pages of the calendar. For Long absence due to illness, a medical certificate will have to be presented. Granting of any leave is at the discretion of the school Principal.

3. PARENT TEACHER MEET: For the all round development of a child, the interaction between the parents and the teachers is a necessity in the present day context. In order to develop a close rapport between the school and the parents, the parent-teacher meets are held on weekends so that we can expect all the Parents to attend the meeting without fail.

4. CRITICISM OF TEACHERS: In the best interest of your child, it is wiser to avoid the criticism of the teachers in the presence of the children or the society. A child loses respect and stops learning from a teacher who is being criticized by parents or guardians. Any serious and legitimate complaints must be brought to the notice of the Principal immediately.

5. ATTENDING SCHOOL FUNCTIONS: Attending important function and the Open hour days boost the morale of your child to do better next time. A little time has to be spared by the parents on such occasion which goes a long way to encourage your child for better performance throughout the year; every parent owes to the child a bright future.

6. GIFT TO SCHOOL STAFF: Parents and students are not supposed to give any kind of gifts to teachers or members of the staff.

7. GRANTING LEAVE OF CHILDREN: To promote discipline in the interest of your children, parents are requested not to ask to take their children home during school working hours, whatever be the function or the occasion.

8. RESPONDING TO SCHOOL TO SCHOOL LETTERS: In the best interest of your child, letters sent to you will have to be seriously, properly & timely responded and parents are requested to come and see the teachers or the Principal only when something serious concerning to your child is be discussed for the further progress.

9. ACCOMPANYING SMALL CHILDREN TO THE BUS: Children have a tendency to run as soon as they see the bus in the morning or while alighting from the bus in the evening. So, parents or guardians of small children must accompany them to board the school bus in the morning and receive them on the left side of the bus in the evening.

10. SCHOOL TRANSPORT: Taking into consideration, the comfort and convenience of your own child, parents are not permitted to accompany their children to the school by school transport.

11. INFECTIOUS DISEASE: In case any infectious disease to the child such as Chicken Pox, Mumps, Conjunctivitis etc., the child should not be sent to the school until he or she has completely recovered and that to with a doctor’s fitness certificate.